Retainer Maintainer: How To Keep Your Smile Straight

I’ve talked before about caring for your braces during treatment and how to care for your retainers after treatment, but I’ve never told you on this blog what to do if one of your retainers goes missing (fast-food restaurant trash cans – we’ve all been there), or if it breaks! So what if I told you that you never have to go digging through Big Mac wrappers again?

At SCO we offer “insurance” on your retainers, named the “Retainer Maintainer” program. We know that life happens, and your 16-year-old may back over their retainers the first time they drive themselves to school (not that that’s ever happened to anyone in our office), so we’ve made it easy for you! For a one-time payment of $680, you can receive up to 2 sets of retainers every year for 5 years! Compared to the normal cost of $200 per every retainer your dog make chew up, we think it’s a pretty great deal!

And while the savings is awesome, having this program means ensuring your or your child’s smile is always in line! You don’t have to worry about shifting teeth or the possibility of braces again. Being one of our patients isn’t even required to enroll. We want everyone to keep their perfect smile for life!

My knowledgeable team is always ready to help you so call our office to learn more and to sign up for our Retainer Maintainer program today!

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