TashaOrthodontist in Chattanooga, TN | Scenic City Orthodontics

Meet Tasha, she’s our Office Manager. Tasha makes sure our patients have the best possible visit, while ensuring the day-to-day office duties are running smoothly. She loves interacting with patients and thinks that seeing the final results and happiness is the best part of her job! Tasha also loves the fun and friendly atmosphere her co-workers provide here at SCO. She married her best friend in 1996 and they have three wonderful sons. You can catch them going downtown to Coolidge park and the walking bridge!

Mary KatherineOrthodontist in Chattanooga, TN | Scenic City Orthodontics

Mary Katherine is our Patient Relations Coordinator for Scenic City Orthodontics. She keeps SCO involved in the community and makes sure our patients have the best experience from the first time they even hear about SCO. Mary Katherine loves the way the whole team acts as one well-oiled machine and thinks her co-workers are some of the most gracious people. Seeing them excited about their job, makes her excited about hers. Mary Katherine came to Chattanooga to attend college at UTC, but couldn’t force herself to leave when she graduated. You can catch her running downtown or checking out every new restaurant and coffee shop with friends in her free time. She also loves returning to her roots in west Tennessee to visit her wonderful family.

ChelsaeOrthodontist in Chattanooga, TN | Scenic City Orthodontics

Chelsae will make you feel right at home every single visit. She’s one of SCO’s clinical assistants and loves to watch patients gain confidence as their smiles transform. Chelsae, like the rest of the SCO team, believes in providing exceptional patient care and striving for perfection. Chelsae comes from a very large family (she’s the youngest of FIVE children) and now has a beautiful, energetic son, who is the youngest of 8 grandchildren for her mother!

StephanieOrthodontist in Chattanooga, TN | Scenic City Orthodontics

Stephanie makes sure that her patients are taken care of every single day. She’s one of SCO’s clinical assistants and truly does put everything she has into her work. She’s been a registered dental assistant for over five years and loves the whole SCO team. In her free time Stephanie is always training for her next half marathon and loves spending time with her two boys, Jacob and Eli. She likes to take them hiking whenever they have a chance!

KristiOrthodontist in Chattanooga, TN | Scenic City Orthodontics

Kristi will do whatever it takes to get the job done. That’s what makes her so great at being SCO’s Clinical Coordinator. When Kristi was attending dental-assisting school she knew without a doubt that she wanted to go into the field of orthodontics! She thinks SCO’s patients are fantastic and treats her co-workers like they are her family (because she believes they are.) Not only does Kristi have the privilege in helping produce beautiful smiles, she also gets to enhance the self-esteem of every patient…and she knows that is truly priceless. Outside of SCO, she and her wonderful husband, who have been married since 2004, have two gorgeous sons, Dakota and Dylan. She loves to go downtown with them (with a must-stop at Clumpies Ice Cream) and she also likes to enjoy a nice, competitive volleyball game with friends and family!

VivianneOrthodontist in Chattanooga, TN | Scenic City Orthodontics

Vivianne is the life of every party she goes to and it’s no different at here at Scenic City Orthodontics. Her fun spirit and expert knowledge make her one of the best Treatment Coordinators around. She loves being a part of the whole team at SCO and you can sometimes find her sneaking a cookie out of our lobby. Vivianne is originally from Caracas, Venezuela and has been in the dental field since 2004. She is married to her sweetheart, Dale and is mother to her son and daughter, Gustavo and Stella. Vivianne loves going to the movies with her husband and enjoys hosting cookouts for family and friends.

Kristi (K2)Orthodontist in Chattanooga, TN | Scenic City Orthodontics

Sweet Kristi loves getting to interact with her patients on a daily basis. She has loved orthodontics ever since she had braces as a teen. Kristi, or K2 as you might hear her referred to in our office, loves helping people become more confident and the person they’ve dreamed of becoming by improving their smile. Kristi married her college sweetheart, Reed, in 2014 and they love getting to spoil their sweet pup! She also enjoys spending time with all of her extending family and you can catch her cheering on the Vols all fall long!

KaylinOrthodontist in Chattanooga, TN | Scenic City Orthodontics

Meet Kaylin! She’ll make you feel right at home at SCO. She’s our Insurance Coordinator and makes sure all of our patients’ insurance needs are met. In fact, helping patients is her favorite part of the day! She also loves how welcoming her fellow teammates are. When not helping out SCO’s rockstar patients, you can find Kaylin hanging out with her two cats or heading downtown in search of the best sushi roll!

BridgetOrthodontist in Chattanooga, TN | Scenic City Orthodontics

Bridget has never met a stranger – that’s why she’s the perfect fit for SCO’s Scheduling Coordinator. She will make you feel as you’ve been friends for years! Bridget loves getting to work alongside of the SCO team and getting to meet new patients every single day. She loves traveling with her husband, Barry and hanging out with her two beautiful children, Lauren and Hudson.

ChristinaOrthodontist in Chattanooga, TN | Scenic City Orthodontics

Christina’s bubbly, outgoing personality and go-get ‘em attitude make her the perfect fit as a Treatment Coordinator. She loves getting to educate patients on all of their different treatment options and she also loves the amazing environment that the SCO team creates for their patients! She enjoys spending time with her two awesome parents and brother. Whether Christina is exploring a local hike here in the Scenic City or traveling to an exotic place, we guarantee she has a smile on her face no matter what!

SavannahOrthodontist in Chattanooga, TN | Scenic City Orthodontics

Savannah’s smile shines wherever she goes! That’s a good thing, considering you can always find her running around our clinic! Savannah is always making sure her clinical teammates have the help they need. She loves that the SCO team works together to get the absolute best care. When she’s not wearing scrubs, you can find her sipping a Starbucks tea or walking downtown with her sweet pup, Penny!


Orthodontist in Chattanooga, TN | Scenic City Orthodontics

Jenn’s eager-to-help personality will make you feel at ease with her no matter what she’s helping you with! She provides support to our admin team and can juggle many tasks at one time. She thoroughly enjoys all her teammates and of course, all SCO patients. When she’s not answering your financial questions or scheduling your next visit, you can find Jenn hanging out with her high school sweetheart who is now her husband their daughter, Brylee. The three of them love to explore new hiking trails in the area and go on roadtrips to different cities in the US to visit family!


Orthodontist in Chattanooga, TN | Scenic City Orthodontics
Meet Shalyn! Chances are you’ll see her during each visit to SCO as she is always lending a hand to our clinical team! She also takes records for all new patients. She loves that she gets to see firsthand the confidence that a beautiful smile brings. Shalyn loves getting to be a part of a team that works together to achieve one common goal. Outside of the office, Shalyn and her husband, Richard love being dog parents to their Australian shepherd, Luca! They can be found outdoors as they love to hike, or in an ocean, as Shalyn is scuba certified!


Orthodontist in Chattanooga, TN | Scenic City Orthodontics
You can catch Nina’s smiling face running around our clinic each and every day! She has over two decades of orthodontic experience and strives to make our patients feel their best at every appointment. Nina loves that SCO is really one big family (patients included) and the positive atmosphere it offers. She has a big family, so when not at the office, Nina is usually with her husband and four children. They’re big lovers of the outdoors – so you can find them tubing down a river with the mountains in view!


Orthodontist in Chattanooga, TN | Scenic City Orthodontics
We don’t think that you’ll ever meet as bubbly of a person as Joanna! She makes every patient in our clinic feel completely at ease and loves the SCO team. In fact, she says her teammates are just an extension of her family! But when she’s not with her work family, you can catch her cheering for her daughter, Carley, on the basketball court along with her husband, Jared! The three of them can be found doing just about anything together – whether it’s catching a movie on the weekend or dancing around their kitchen!


Orthodontist in Chattanooga, TN | Scenic City Orthodontics
You’ll never catch Nilda not happy to see you! Her bubbly personality makes her the perfect fit for our Patient Scheduling Coordinator. She is always willing to lend a helping hand to our patients and the SCO team! On the weekends you can find Nilda outside, hanging at Coolidge Park or going on a hike with her family!


Orthodontist in Chattanooga, TN | Scenic City Orthodontics
You can find J.R.’s smiling face attending to patients wherever he may be needed around SCO’s clinic. In fact, our patients are the reason he loves his job. When he’s not helping the SCO team, J.R. is usually playing soccer or video games with his friends, or spending time with his family!


Orthodontist in Chattanooga, TN | Scenic City Orthodontics
Haleigh makes you feel like you’ve known her forever, even if it has just been a minute. That’s what makes her the perfect Community Relations Coordinator. Haleigh brings SCO cheer no matter where she goes and spends a lot of her time out of the office at events all over the Chattanooga area, especially in our local schools. When she’s not spreading smiles all around the community, Haleigh loves to cuddle with her cat or spend a night with her friends at her favorite Mexican restaurant!


Orthodontist in Chattanooga, TN | Scenic City Orthodontics
Meet Kaitlyn! You’ll catch her bubbly smile zipping around our office as our records technician! She makes sure that our patients’ x-rays and photos are up-to-date and lends a hand to help any other team member wherever she can! Outside of the office, you can find Kaitlyn on a boat with her husband and two sons, out shopping with girlfriends or painting her next masterpiece with watercolors!


Orthodontist in Chattanooga, TN | Scenic City Orthodontics
Whitney is a talented clinical assistant with years of experience! She’s always ready to help any SCO patient achieve their dream smile and has fun while doing it. Whitney is busy when she’s not at work as she is very involved in her church with her husband and son. You can also find her photographing friends and family or relaxing with a park day picnic!


Orthodontist in Chattanooga, TN | Scenic City Orthodontics
Ashley is a hard worker at heart – she loves to be doing something. That’s she is the perfect fit for our lab technician! She makes sure all retainers and appliances are ready for our patients. She also is trained as a clinical assistant and helps her fellow teammates wherever she can. When she’s not hard at work at SCO, she is at home! She is a true DIYer and loves to paint, bake, sew or build anything!


Orthodontist in Chattanooga, TN | Scenic City Orthodontics
You can find Kayt hard at work in our clinic! She enjoys helping SCO’s patients achieve their dream smile and helping her teammates along the way. When she’s not changing wires and placing new brackets, Kayt enjoys hanging out with her family and friends. She likes to either be riding bikes downtown with her twin sister or painting in Coolidge Park!