Keeping Your Smile in Line: Retainer Tips

In our last blog post, I discussed how to properly care for your braces at home. If you missed that post, you can find it here. Today I want to fast forward to your last phase of treatment – retention. So, congratulations! You’ve put in all the work – months without chewing gum or eating popcorn, plenty of adjustment appointments and maybe even some rubber bands. Together with our team, you have achieved your dream smile, and I want to make sure it stays that way!

It’s as simple as four words: Retention. Is. For. Life. Your teeth are constantly on the move, so without your retainer, they will easily shift back to their original position. Not “they could shift back” or “they might” but as sure as the the sun will rise, they will shift back. Therefore, you must wear your retainer every night for as long as you would like to retain your results…which I’m guessing is forever!

If you follow the instructions below, I promise the retention phase of your treatment will be smooth sailing:

1. Only remove your retainer if you are eating, brushing, playing a contact sport or swimming.

2. If not in your mouth, ALWAYS store your retainer in the provided case.

3. Gently clean your retainer with a toothbrush and toothpaste in lukewarm (never hot) water. You can also soak it in a non-alcohol based mouthwash or denture cleaner.

4. Always store your retainer at room temperature and keep it away from any heat source, like a heater or stove.

If you lose your retainer, call our office as soon as possible and my team will be happy to help guide you to the next steps you need to take!

Keep Smiling!

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