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Giving Back to Our Schools: My Teacher Rocks

Birds are chirping, baseball is in full swing, and the temperature is finally rising – summer is almost here! By this point in the school year, our patients have really gotten to know their teachers. And whether they have taught you how to read, how to multiply or divide, or have given you some great […]

Spring Break Fun: Camps for Kids in the Scenic City

The weather is warming up, the trees are blossoming, and the rain showers are aplenty; Spring has officially sprung in the Scenic City! And that means Spring Break for Hamilton County students is just around the corner. While some families are packing for the beach or heading to the mountains, we know that a lot […]

Invisalign vs Smile Direct Club: The Clear Smile Solution

Pretty much every time someone finds out that I’m an orthodontist, they tell me something they wish they could change about their smile. Bank tellers, restaurant servers, the guy selling splat balls at the mall kiosk – they all point at their teeth and tell me their troubles. I nod while looking at their overbite […]

Smiles Will Happen Here: Update on our New Building

If you’ve been part of our SCO family for any length of time (or maybe just know someone who is), you’ve heard or seen that we are building a new office. And then you’ve asked, “When is it going to be ready?!” Now I would love to be able to give you, and myself, a […]

Introducing Our New Kids Club: 7 & Up!

As an orthodontist, who happens to also be a dad of school-age kids, I spend a lot of time talking with fellow parents about teeth! It’s not at all strange to find me sitting in the bleachers at a softball or basketball game looking into a child’s mouth or talking to our neighbors about proper […]

Christmas To Do's in Chattanooga

Christmas To-Do’s in Chattanooga: Winter Fun for Kids

As a dad of three kids, I know how it goes. They’ve been counting down the days since Thanksgiving til school gets out. Seriously, visions of no homework, staying up late and sleeping in dance in their heads…only to get two hours into Winter Break before the “I’m bored!” and “what are we doing today?” […]

Smiles Happen Here, Welcome blog

Welcome: Smiles Happen Here!

Hello and welcome to the blog! I’m so pumped to get this up and running so that we have a way to keep our patient families and friends in the loop about our office, events, cool things happening locally and the best ways to take care of the beautiful smiles we are creating together! Before […]

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